Career at Valarys

Awesome perks for improving one's quality of life.

We provide our workers with the benefits they need to maintain their health, attain financial stability, and enjoy mental and emotional well-being for themselves and their families.


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Our work & culture

Valarys is a proudly remote organization. We think that a worldwide workforce brings a whole universe of innovation.

It is common knowledge that diversity and tolerance foster creativity. Having workers that have been exposed to different things in life would help us generate fresh ideas and viewpoints.

Flexible working time icon
Flexible working time

Freedom of choice regarding one's working hours and location. A total of 24 paid vacation days each year, including holidays observed in your area.

Work from anywhere icon
Work from anywhere

Get a laptop and put aside €2,000 to equip your home office. Get compensated for use of a coworking space or home internet access.

Annual retreat icon
Annual retreat

Between two and eight in-person get-togethers each year are scheduled for the purpose of team-building (expenses covered).

Physical wellbeing icon
Physical wellbeing

We reimburse on a monthly basis for wellness services such as massage and memberships to fitness centers.

Learning stipend icon
Learning stipend

Get a $250-a-month stipend for your personal learning and development at Udemy and Edureka.