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Our teams are committed to providing creative and high-quality telecom solutions to businesses with a wide range of requirements.

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We’re a global cloud services company making success stories for over 10 years

The era of technology

Valarys designs, builds, secures, and manages Cloud services. We have a skilled cloud engineering and Operations staff that helps businesses adopt "Cloud-First" approach. Valarys helps you make the most of the cloud by designing powerful hybrid services that solve business challenges.

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Cloud computing in simple words? A better way to expand your business

We adapt our services to meet the individual requirements of each client. We walk you through the process of incorporating open source ideas into your teams, technologies, and processes in order to generate outcomes that can be measured and analyzed using metrics.

Cloud neutral

Unmatched portfolio and experience based on platforms such as VMware, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

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Open inovation

At Valarys, we are highly skilled in the delivery of solutions using cutting-edge open-source methodology.

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Customer oriented

All of our customers, whether they are local or international, get the same high level of service, regardless of location.

Our process

The process we are working with our clients worldwide

Our product development methodology describes each project job. This reduces the waste of your resources and boosts our development efficiency. Monitoring ensures the project remains on schedule, and continues to be a viable investment for your business.


Throughout the planning process, project managers examine project terminology. Setting a budget, establishing a timetable, and creating teams are all part of the process of determining the scope of the project.

Define Requirements

Defining requirements is part of planning to establish what the product should accomplish and its needs. For example, a social networking app must allow friends to connect. Inventory software may need a search function.

Design and Prototyping

During the Design stage, a system's future mode of operation is modeled. Several components of the design include the following: architecture, interfaces, platforms, programming, communications, security, etc.


This stage involves the development of the product or solution itself. A single developer may be responsible for the development of a small project, while many groups of developers may collaborate on the development of a larger project.


Functionality should be tested. Different portions of the product should be performance-tested to eliminate hangs and delays. Testing reduces user problems and glitches. This increases consumer pleasure and utilization.


In the deployment phase, the the product is made available to the client. Many clients automate deployment. Deployment can be complex.  Integration of new products might be challenging to the client's existing systems.

Operations and Maintenance

Development is almost complete. The product is complete and deployed. Still, Operation and Maintenance is crucial. Clients discover bugs missed during testing. These mistakes must be fixed, spawning new development cycles.

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