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Software Architect

We're looking for an experienced software developer or programmer who will be responsible for making high-level design choices and decisions for software projects. As a technical lead, he or she should take a bird’s-eye view of a project and decide which platforms, languages, frameworks, libraries, tools, and other technologies should be used within our business.

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Remote, 2 years of experience
Department: Software
Full time 1 position(s) available

We are looking for a software architect to join our team. You will be involved in the development of our company's technical infrastructure and software applications. Your duties will include system integration, communicating with stakeholders, and defining the solutions needed to implement business strategies and processes. You will also be tasked with leading operations and development teams in the agile design, development, and implementation of software systems.

Below are some of the responsibilities a software architect is expected to assume:  

  • Understand, communicate, and enforce the company software architecture strategy
  • Manage the design, development, and implementation of software solutions
  • Translate business needs and requirements into technical requirements for software applications
  • Guide the software development process through high-level decision making
  • Define and document application architecture and design
  • Coach and mentor software engineers, programmers, and other team members
  • Create and maintain design and code standards
  • Serve as a technical liaison among project managers, developers, and stakeholders
  • Create overall project plans and track progress

Below are the qualifications expected of a software architect:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, software architecture, or related field
  • Master's degree in computer engineering preferred but not required
  • 2-3 years of experience leading software development teams
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming and software design patterns
  • Familiarity with software build tools, such as Gradle and Maven
  • Familiarity with software development frameworks, such as Spring and Hibernate
  • Familiarity with software version control systems such as Git and SVN
  • Experience with agile software development methodologies and testing frameworks, such as JUnit and Selenium
  • Familiarity with software delivery platforms, such as Atlassian’s Jira, Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS), and Apache’s Subversion
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Big-picture problem-solving skills

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