Software solutions for the service industry

One platform to manage and grow your business.

Software solutions for the service industry

Platform features

Appointment scheduling

Users of the platform have the ability to arrange meetings or other events with certain people or groups, and they often have the capacity to book and manage many appointments at the same time.

Resource management

Platform enables users to assess resource availability and book resources on an as-needed basis, which enables businesses to more effectively manage and allocate resources such as premises or facilities.

Calendar integration

Users are able to improve the effectiveness of managing their schedules thanks to the platform's integration with Google Calendar and Outlook.

Notifications and reminders

Users may be notified or reminded about forthcoming appointments or events . This helps to guarantee that users do not forget about their appointments.


Users have the opportunity to personalize their appointment calendars and schedules by doing things like selecting their preferred availability and creating recurring appointments.


Access to the platform may be gained either over the web or, in the not too distant future, through a mobile app. The platform has applications in a range of fields, including healthcare, education, and customer service.

Your tools

Use Business Intelligence
Analyze your company's performance with business intelligence analytics, which includes graphs with revenue breakdowns.
Track your clients with CRM
Allow vendors, clients, and payers to log in to access their accounts and communicate through emails and SMS.
Work without hassle
Valaris team has over 15 years of web development expertise and is very skilled in integrating Valaris platform into your website.
Record appointments
Record online appointments between vendors and clients, or allow clients to book them via your website.
Move money easy
Accept payments with Stripe or GoCardless, issue invoices and payment orders, and pay vendors through our Pay Out feature.
Signaling and location updates
for monitoring & reporting
Integrate it!
List your vendors and integrate booking forms to any site to increase your SEO and onboard clients faster.

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