Private LTE for large industrial applications

Keep your teams productive and your comms safe.

Private LTE for large industrial applications

Solution features

Private mobile network

Network access and use policies are completely under your control.


Smart devices based on virtualization and artificial intelligence.


Configure the network to meet your needs of certain technical processes and development projects.


Ensure comprehensive security of mobile traffic while allowing voice and data connectivity over public networks.

Cost efficiency

Eliminate external communication expenses, and don't depent on external resources to solve the problem of mobility development.

You are in control

Enjoy the independence of your own corporate communications structure, transparent switching, numbering plans, and network usage policies.

It's you who decides

Be independent and equidistant from radio segment equipment suppliers by choosing your own base station operator and radio spectrum sponsor.

No more cost concerns

Independently charge internal subscribers for the needs of cost allocation between departments, transparently accrue internal costs.

Roaming? Easy

Make your own decisions and manage access to mobile networks outside the Private LTE segment, within national or/and international roaming.

We grow together

Build your own expertise in the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies,  production processes automation, smart technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) tools implementation.

Your benefits

6 local breakouts
to solve latency issues
Customised IP routing and APN settings
for network flexibility & enhanced management possibilities
Up to
99.99% guaranteed uptime
for all Valarys components
Virtualized core network
for isolation and core slicing
The new eSIM technology
for reliability and on–net provisioning
More then
200 direct roaming agreements
for connectivity and roaming cost optimization
Signaling and location updates
for monitoring & reporting
DPI and content filtering
for proper Internet use
Core Network API
for third party apps integrations and system management
Direct interconnect and Internet bypass
for network security and reliability

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