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All species of telecommunication services
Valarys International is dedicated to proving innovative and high-quality telecom solutions for companies with a wide range of needs.
Colocation Services
By housing your servers in our professional data center, your business can make real savings without compromising on system maintenance or security. Whether you need more space, more bandwidth, or just real peace of mind, our colocation services are here to help.
Cloud Access
Whether you're in the office or on the move, our personalized cloud services can deliver files and data quickly and securely. As well as being perfect for remote working, we can also provide the vital cloud-based safeguards and backups every business needs.
IP-transit Services
Maximize global connectivity with our high-quality IP-transit services. We ensure that your online traffic is moving with maximum efficiency by working with Internet exchange points and data centers around the world.
Capacity and DWDM Services
By packaging 80 separate data channels can be transmitted on a single optical fiber, DWDM technology can boost your bandwidth and online capabilities. Find out more about how this exciting new innovation can promote for business' potential.
Ethernet and MPLS Services
Embrace the real power of remote working by investing in your company's Ethernet and MPLS services. Avoid the hassle of long network addresses and create a truly high-performance data-carrying network between every device in your business.
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